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Are you an online course creator who wants to share their knowledge, help others, and make as much money as possible?

DropFunnels has everything you need to do just that. Create, market, and sell professional online courses, regardless of your interests or skills. From housing a single course to creating an entire library of digital products to cross-sell, DropFunnels has one of the most robust, yet easy to execute course building softwares on the available on the internet.


How Can I Use DropFunnels to Create an Online Course?

DropFunnels empowers you, as a course creator, to grow your business by building and selling courses. Sharing information is a great way to make a positive impact in the world and build trust with your audience. If you already make free educational content or coach clients one-on-one, you can share what you know in an online course. The market for online courses is growing every day. With DropFunnels, you can start making a profitable course right away.

DropFunnels Features for Course Creators

DropFunnels is the most effective way to create and customize your online courses.

You don't need to know how to code or use complicated plugins. We give you examples of sales funnels and course templates to make it easy to build and sell your digital courses. With our integrated funnel builder, you get a website that will help you sell your course on autopilot while you run your business.

In DropFunnels, your website and checkout process connect directly to your digital products. With all the tools you need in one easy-to-use platform, you can easily build and scale your course creator business.

Course Dashboard + Student Tracking

One of the biggest issues course creators experience is people buying their courses, but not completing the material. DropFunnels resolves this with a range of features:

  • Track your students progress at a glance and easily identify what lessons they've reached, and where they might be stuck.
  • Trigger personalized emails automatically when students complete lessons, pushing them to the next one, or when they've been stuck on a lesson for a number of days, offering support to help push them through
  • Create course quizzes to test students on their progress, reward them as they go, or use the data to add further lessons in your course.
  • Create an easy-to-navigate student dashboard so they can easily access the areas of the course they need to focus on.

Video Courses + Document Downloads

DropFunnels gives you rich multimedia tools to make sure that your course is accessible to everyone.

  • Create video lessons, with videos hosted in DropFunnels or Third-Party tools like Vimeo, Wistia and YouTube.
  • Provide access to worksheets, guides and other learning material for students to download to accompany the course.
  • Link external resources using buttons so they have all the information they need just a click away.
  • Turn on comments so students feel like part of a community, and can interact with fellow course members, optimizing their learning experience

Course Quizzes

DropFunnels has a quiz builder that you can use to keep track of your student's progress in your course. Build course quizzes to help them reinforce key concepts in each module. Gamify your course by offering points and rewards. Use built-in conditional logic to guide your students to review a concept or move on to the next session. Our quiz builder gives you full control of the flow of your course.

Drip Course Content

It's easy to plan your course content and release it at just the right time. Create a tailored experience for your group coaching program or time-based challenges. DropFunnels gives you full control of your course design and pacing. You can make certain modules are mandatory or give your students the freedom to explore your whole course. Unleash your creativity and create any course you desire with DropFunnels.

Course Access Levels

With DropFunnels, you can add valuable bonuses to your offers with Course Access Levels. You can make a simple mini-course to attract new students. Then offer premium and advanced levels of learning, special worksheets, and 1:1 coaching. This allows your students to upgrade when they are ready. With DropFunnels, you can automate your revenue streams with minimal effort.

Easy Migration

Have you already built your course on another platform? Dont stress! DropFunnels has a network of vetted experts that can help you move your course without sacrificing quality.

Click here to learn more about our network of expert providers and how they can help you use DropFunnels to sell as many online courses as possible.


Monetize your expertise with DropFunnels.

DropFunnels is the ultimate online course builder for coaches and experts.

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DropFunnels FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions?

An online course is a virtual learning system that is usually organized by specific lessons or modules. Online courses can be casual and just teach one skill, or they can be more formal and lead to a degree or certification. You can reach students all over the world if you package and sell your knowledge in a way that solves a problem. With the all-in-one DropFunnels system, you don't need any other programs to build, market, or sell your online courses.

Each course is different. A mini-course on a simple topic can be built in a day or two. A full, in-depth masterclass or certification program may take longer. With DropFunnels templates, you can save time on design and development. Our drag-and-drop course builder simplifies the process of drafting and organizing your course. In just a few hours, you can build and sell your first online course. If you want to release part of your course while you work on the rest, you can always drip content to your students one week at a time.

Yes! The course-building tools on DropFunnels are as easy to use as the rest of the platform. DropFunnels's course builder uses "drag and drop" modules. You don't have to be good with computers or know how to code to make an online course. If you ever have a question, you can reach out to our support team or chat with our team on Slack.

Good question. If you want to make an online course, all you need is

  1. Expertise or special knowledge that you want to share
  2. A computer with an internet connection
  3. A tool to help you create and sell your online course (like DropFunnels!)

From there, all you have to do is decide to produce your course and tell your audience about it.

Yes! DropFunnels lets users who aren't designers choose from a number of online course templates. The platform is flexible enough to let users build their own courses from scratch, but is easy enough for beginners. If you aren’t sure how to organize your course content, DropFunnels makes it easy to plan and update the flow of your course visually.

When you use DropFunnels to sell online courses, you keep all of the money you make (Aside from the standard fees that Stripe or Paypal might charge). DropFunnels wholeheartedly supports course creators but does not take a cut of your profits. Online course creators own all the materials and information in their courses, no matter what.

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