Your Website is Your First Impression

Don't miss out on potential sales and leads. Customers today don't wait more than a few seconds for a site to load. Nor do they just randomly come by your site by mistake. Use DropFunnels to make sure that your site is fast on any device and optimize to maximize traffic through both paid AND organic methods. Use our professional website designs to build authority with your customers. Start today to maximize your revenue... without code.


What common website mistakes drive customers away?

Do you know your website’s “bounce ratio" is? The "bounce ratio" of a site is a measurement of how often and how fast prospects click on your site and then... immediately leave. To put it bluntly - you do not want a high bounce ratio! Here are some reasons your customers could be running away from your website.


Slow Page Load Times. With how fast society expects things to happen for them these days, if your site takes too long to load - goodbye customer!


Poor Design or Bad Navigation. Expectations for high quality design is at an all-time high. If your site is hard to navigate or an eye sore - your customer is leaving.


Outdated Content or Broken Links. If your site isn't updated regularly and the design, links, or content feel outdated - you're losing money!


No Authority or Social Proof. Your prospects need to see your expertise demonstrated. If you're omitting powerful persuasive tools, your site won't convert.


Websites Drive Sales

DropFunnels websites offer professional templates, drag-and-drop elements, and a powerful editor. Bonus features include: analytics, SEO optimization, and easy integrations. Adding customer reviews, testimonials, and third-party certificates build your credibility online. At DropFunnels, we make it easy to stand out as a leader in your industry. Read more about our website building features below.


Professional Website Design

Visual design is both an art and a science that takes years to master. Whether your font is hard to read, the colors are too distracting, or your images are pixelated… bad design is an immediate red flag to most buyers. It’s important to make your website accessible for people of all abilities. DropFunnels takes the guesswork out of website design in 4 ways.

  • DropFunnels provides a massive library of modern prebuilt templates. These designs are proven to drive sales and build authority. Just swap out the text and pictures to match
    your business.

  • DropFunnels provides DFY services, removing any guesswork. Our 7-figure team can professionally design your site for you, along with your blog, and course by simply joining the DropFunnels Ultimate Plan.

  • DropFunnels maintains a network of experts to help you build your site. This team of certified funnel builders is trained in best practices for visual design and business automation. They can take your dream website and make it a reality.

  • DropFunnels offers industry leading support 24/7. Our support team is second to none. If you need help, simply submit a ticket and our team will quickly respond to provide you with the support you need. Additionally, you have access to free trainings monthly to aid you on your entrepreneurial journey.

Simple Navigation + Funnel Flow

Don’t make your website visitors work too hard to pay you! A good website should guide a user to making a purchase in less than 3 clicks.

No one should be hunting for your offers or your call booking link. Your clear call to action should be included above the fold on your website and your menu must be easy to navigate.

The DropFunnels Ultimate plan includes a pre-built site, blog, and course.


Mobile Optimization + Responsive Design

Sure, your website looks great on your computer, but did you check to make sure that it flows well from your phone? What about other people’s phones and tablets?

Every device has a different screen size. It's important to make sure that your site is seamless, no matter where your customers find you.

DropFunnels' widget-based page builder gives you the tools to optimize your site for any device or internet speed. Our tool automatically resizes large files to optimize load times.

Responsive design improves your SEO and reduces your bounce rate. You can even remove certain modules on mobile devices, if that particular section only makes sense on a desktop browser.

Updating content + posting blogs

Updating your website doesn’t have to be a chore with DropFunnels. It’s important that you keep things fresh with new offers, services and blog articles. While some website builders make this difficult, DropFunnels takes the pain out of updating your site.

You can easily duplicate pages, update your photos and text, and guide customers to new funnels or online courses. If you need to update a broken link or change an existing URL, it takes no time at all on DropFunnels.


Building trust signals

Customers should be able to trust that the website and its services are credible. If there are no trust signals, customers may not trust the website and may quickly leave. Make sure you are building your know, love, and trust factors by sharing your origin story, as well as your successes and triumphs.

Trust signals on a website can include:

  • Social proof and customer testimonials

  • Third-party accreditations, such as certifications, awards, and recognitions

  • Social media links

  • Traditional media and podcast appearances

  • Its rankability on Google (higher ranked sites instantly are more credible)

Dropfunnels has modules for each of these trust signals built into the page builder. Feel free to experiment with them using our 14 day free trial.

DropFunnels is the all-in-one business website solution.

No code. No plugins. No nonsense.

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Want to position yourself as an expert in your industry?

DropFunnels FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions?

A website is how coaches and experts build an online presence and earn the trust of their audience. It's also a great way to showcase your story, as well as your products and services. When people search for your product or service, you want them to find you. Your first page should immediately build enough trust for visitors to make a purchase or join your email list.

Don't worry! DropFunnels is a great tool for beginners and experts alike. You can use our templates to create a professional website without code. All of our websites can be built with drag-and-drop widgets that are easy to customize.

Authority sites are fast, SEO-friendly sales funnels that look like a standard website. There are no "contact", "pricing", or "about" buttons to distract them from your offer. This strategy gives visitors all the information they need on a single page, with a clear call-to-action. DropFunnels Ultimate Plan includes a Built-For-You Authority Site.

DropFunnels includes SEO tools to help customers find you in organic search. All of your photos, page titles, and meta descriptions are easy to optimize in our SEO dashboard. Huge photos are the most common cause of slow loading web pages. DropFunnels automatically resizes your videos and images for any size screen.

DropFunnels offers several advantages over other sales funnel and website builders. With SEO-optimized blogs, built in video courses, and one-click upsells, we’re the all-in-one solution for coaches, agencies, and course creators. Don’t believe us? Check out our head to head comparisons with ClickFunnels and Kajabi, written by real users who switched to DropFunnels to learn more.

Our Ultimate plan includes a customized authority funnel to help you boost conversions. Our authority sites are designed to optimize SEO, match your branding, and drive sales.

Whether you are sending your users to your site with paid ads or organic traffic, an authority site adds professionalism and notoriety to your brand. We handle the strategy, design, and image mockups - so you can focus on building and scaling your business.

We'll even build you a blog and course theme so you're all set to start selling!

You can be up and running in less than a day. Just select a template that fits your goals and drag and drop the components you want on each page. You can easily add your images, color scheme, and social media links to personalize each page. Our tool makes it easy to fully customize the design and flow of your website, without building everything from scratch or learning how to code.

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