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Complete Changelog

Updates from 3/1 - 3/31/2024

Major Releases

  • New Product Creation Interface + Autoresponder Control

    You can now control autoresponders and pipeline automations DIRECTLY at the product level, instead of only in the builder.

    This means, you can control all of your product and automation settings in the Funnels > Products tab.

    • No need for Zapier automations on order bumps
    • Dynamically create one product and apply that to MULTIPLE funnels, order bumps, or upsells
    • Add buyers to specific pipeline stages depending on what they purchase through your funnel flow
    • Integrate a new autoresponder directly on the product settings, instead of on a checkout form
product ui
  • Split Test Improvements

    You can now access historical performance of your split tests within the funnel stats tab.

    Simply select a timeframe using the date selector to view the performance of the Control and Variation for each funnel step.

    You'll just need to expand the funnel step data by clicking on the small arrow on that funnel step.

    You can now also refresh current sprint data instantly with a click of a button by clicking the icon next to the split test data on the funnel flow view.

    Rest assured, all your split test data is safely stored within the funnel stats tab.


split tests
  • Checkout Form Stylings

    You can now update the font and sizing of the product name, product price and product price description on your order form, helping keep your full page on-brand.


  • New Quiz Fields

    We've made some big improvements to quizzes.

    You can now get more specific on the data you want to collect, with name, email, website and address fields.

    We've also added the ability to upload files, as well as rankings

    Here's a summary of the new fields types:

    • First Name

    • Last Name

    • Full Name

    • Email

    • Website

    • Address

    • File Upload

    • Ranking


quiz fields

Minor Releases

  • You can now override the Product Price Description from your product page. This will override the payment details text on your checkout form. Note: This is only available with recurring products.

Updates from 2/1 - 2/29/2024

Major Releases

  • Sales Modules on Popups

    We added the ability to add checkout forms and upsell modules to pop-ups, giving you more control of your checkout process.

  • Flashing Arrow on Order Bumps

    We've added the option to add a flashing arrow to order bumps. This helps draw attention to your order bump and improve take rate to boost overall cart value.


arrow on bumps
  • First Name & Last Name on Optin Forms

    We've added the ability to choose between capturing the first and last name on optin forms instead of just full name. This makes it easier to integrate with 3rd party autoresponders and helps you personalise your leads journey.



Minor Releases

  • We also added some help text on PayPal checkout to ensure your leads fill in their contact details prior to checkout.
  • We also made improvements to checkout forms and quizzes.

Updates from 1/1 - 1/31/2024

Major Releases

  • Platform Optimization

    In January, we continued platform optimization, most notably ensuring page updates are not stuck in the cache. This ensures changes are reflected immediately, and page speeds are improved further.

  • 3D Secure for Payment Gateways

    We made some significant changes to our payment gateway integrations and now support 3D Secure for Stripe, NMI &

  • ClickFunnels Migration Updates

    We made some changes to the ClickFunnels migration option when creating a new funnel. You now have the ability to have us migrate your pages for you from any other platform.

    The ClickFunnels option is still available for CF 1.0 and will help build the page to approximately 80%. However, we'll migrate the page for you manually and provide 100% accuracy.

    Click here if you need any migration work done.

  • Updates to Courses

    We made some small changes to courses. Specifically we've removed the old field of 'Course Type' from the member upload tab and resolved an issue where clicking on the arrow next to the lesson name did not expand the menu as expected.

Minor Releases

  • We also made some improvements to pop-up stylings, video playlists and quizzes.

Updates from 11/1 - 12/31/2023

Major Releases

  • Database & Platform Optimization

    In November and December, we put significant focus into optimizing the platform. This included cleaning up our database for maximum efficiency, minimizing the number of queries on page load to improve page load speeds on the front end and in-editor and minify CSS and JS files.

  • Rebrand Updates

    We also implemented updates based on our new rebrand app-wide (including this page)

  • Usability improvements

    In addition, we made updates to general usability, including updates to the main left-hand side menu and changing our pages are duplicated so they appear directly under the duplicated page and are easier to find.

Minor Releases

  • We also resolve a few bugs and made improvements to funnel stats, order bumps and HubSpot integration.

Updates from 10/1 - 10/31/2023

Major Releases

  • Further Optimization on Conversion Events for Facebook Conversion API (CAPI)

    Further optimization work has now been fully completed to provide a more stable environment for users utilizing the Facebook CAPI. All conversion events tested and working correctly as it should.

Minor Releases

  • Bug fixes, optimization and updates on modules such as Hubspot, Aweber, ConvertKit, Blog Content and Blog Post module.

Updates from 9/1 - 9/30/2023

Major Releases

  • Funnel Split Test Data Accuracy

    Optimization tasks has been carried out on split test data for Control and Variation Page. Only UNIQUE Hits and Conversions are captured now to provide more accurate data and help users make wiser decisions.

  • Conversion Events Fixes for Facebook Conversion API (CAPI)

    Complete Registration and EventID failed to pass the call to Facebook previously which was now fixed with all conversion events tested and working correctly as it should.

Minor Releases

  • Bug fixes, optimization and updates on modules such as Checkout Form, Popup, Call Calendar as well as Hubspot and ConvertKit integration issues were all duly resolved.

Updates from 8/1 - 8/31/2023

Major Releases

  • Order Bump Product Billing Information Enhancement

    Previously, an Order Bump product purchase information is not pushed over to your connected payment gateway such as Stripe. We have enhanced that and now any order bump purchases will have the necessary billing information passed over to your payment processor.

  • DropFunnels and DropResponder Integration

    We released a more stable integration with our sister software - DropResponder CRM. This will allow better connection to your DropResponder account.

Minor Releases

  • Bug fixes such as Aweber integration, Modules updates, Media Library issues were all resolved.

Updates from 7/1 - 7/31/2023

Major Releases

  • Facebook Conversion API (CAPI) Now Available Within DropFunels Calendars

    We understand the importance of being able to track your call bookings and push it over to Facebook for tracking purposes. Great marketing decisions are made only with accurate and reliable data. So we made it!

  • PHP 8.1 Version Upgrade

    We have updated our entire DropFunnels infrastructure to PHP 8.1. What does that mean? Well, in layman terms, your Data, Sites, Funnels, Sales, Leads on DropFunnels now has state-of-the-art Security, Performance and also Improved Features and Optimization.

  • Ungated Courses

    If you have an IMPACTFUL course that you want to give it out for FREE to the rest of the world, you can now do it with our robust Courses area where you can "Disable Login" where members will not require a username or password.


Minor Releases

  • Bug fixes such as PayPal integration, SMTP settings, Brevo (Previously known as SendInBlue) autoresponder updates.

Updates from 6/1 - 6/30/2023

Major Releases

  • Checkout Form & 2-Step Checkout Form on Popups

    You Suggest, We Listen! A ton of DropFunnels users has been requesting this feature to be added and we are stoke to have finally released it! Now on your Popup module, you can have a Saved Row with a Checkout Form module or a 2-Step Checkout Form module.


Minor Releases

  • We've also updated our functionality on Hubspot integration which now uses Private Apps instead of API keys.
  • We also fixed some minor bugs on our ActiveCampaign integration as well as tracking codes issues.

Updates from 5/1 - 5/31/2023

Major Releases

  • Zapier Triggers for DropFunnels Calendars

    Great news! We've now updated our Zapier app to enable DropFunnels Calendar triggers. You can now create automations to be triggered whenever a lead or contact books or cancels an appointment.

  • Allow DropFunnel Admins to view course member passwords

    You can now view and copy member passwords from your courses. This is great if you need to quickly remind them of their password without needing them to reset it.

member passwords

Minor Releases

  • We've also updated our functionality around updating the Twilio number connected to accounts, making it easier to change your number if you wish.
  • We also made some big upgrades to our WhiteLabel partner installations, improving their speed and usability.

Updates from 4/1 - 4/30/2023

Major Releases

  • DropFunnels Calendars (Beta)

    We've continued to develop on our new Calendar functionality. In the past month we've made major improvements to the overall accessibility of calendars for our Ultimate users. You can now redirect those booking appointments to a custom URL, or simply the next funnel step!

  • Facebook Conversion API Fix

    We identified an issue with Facebook conversions not being tracked. We resolved this within 48 hours and continue to monitor.

Minor Releases

  • We've made significant improvements to Quizzes and how you see the submitted results in both Lead Quizzes and Course Quizzes.
  • We also made some minor improvements to both internal and external integrations on checkout and optin forms, including Pipelines and Autoresponders.

Updates from 3/1 - 3/31/2023

Major Releases

  • DropFunnels Calendars (Beta)

    We're delighted to announce that we've now launched DropFunnels Calendars Beta!

    This has been launched to all users on Ultimate Plans and above.

    With unlimited event types, team calendars, Google integration, custom branded appointment pages and more!

    Here's a useful demo video you can watch for full details.


Minor Releases

  • We've added a copy icon in the main funnel URL, saving you a couple of clicks when grabbing your funnel link.
  • Cloning any pages, blogs or rows no longer takes you straight to the editor, meaning you easily can set the back-end info before updating the content and design
  • We've updated our Sales Webhooks, so custom fields, including UTMs, are now provided as separate fields instead of all on one line. This avoids any fancy formatting in Zapier.
  • You can now export all your course members to a CSV file with one click. To do this, just go to the Members tab of your course, and click the blue 'Export' icon.
  • Your Favicon will now show on courses, giving your students a more on-brand experience!

Updates from 2/1 - 2/28/2023

Major Releases

  • Whitelabel Sub-Account Auto-Creation

    We've made some major improvements to the white-label sub-account creation process, meaning new sub-accounts will be immediately created under the main account using webhooks. Previously, these accounts had to be created manually, so this saves tons of time for our whitelabel partners!

    Interested in whitelabelling DropFunnels for your own business?

    Click here.

Minor Releases

  • We've been busy in the background making several enhancements to the performance of the DropFunnels dashboard resulting in faster load time and a smoother experience
  • We've also made minor improvements to courses, DropPlayer, blogs and many more!

Updates from 1/1 - 1/31/2023

Major Releases

  • Logic-Based Redirects in Quizzes

    We've made some major updates to quiz functionality making it easier for you to qualify leads and score your course members.

    You can now redirect leads and course members to specific links based on answers to any question in your quiz. This was previously only possible when based on points.

    You can create as many redirects as you like!

    Head on over to the Results tab of your quizzes and select 'Logic Based' to create your redirects.

  • Slider-Based Question Types

    We've added a new question type called 'Sliders'. This allows you to ask your leads to score themselves (or products etc.) on a defined range.

    You can even determine the number of points you wish to allot for each answer, or for a range of points.


Minor Releases

  • Staying on quizzes, we also increased the maximum points per answer from 10 to 999, giving you more flexibility when it comes to scoring answers.
  • We also fixed an issue where the phone number on the quiz optin form was not being pushed to lead info.
  • Separate to quizzes, we also improved functionality related to dashboard analytics, courses, blogs and more!

Updates from 12/1 - 12/31/2022

Major Releases

  • Checkout Functionality

    We've made some improvements to a host of checkout-related features to enhance your buyers' experience.

  • Course Improvements

    We also implemented some updates to course functionality, giving you more flexibility over membership areas and course content navigation.

Minor Releases

  • We've made several minor improvements to DropFunnels across various features including Quizzes, Domain Mapping, Split Tests and more!

Updates from 11/1 - 11/30/2022

Major Releases

  • Performance Improvements

    We've been focussing on back-end updates this month to improve overall functionality, stability and compatibility.

    You'll likely not even notice, but rest assured we're always improving DropFunnels, whether you can see it or not!

Minor Releases

  • We've made minor enhancements to the user interface in various areas making it easier for you to find what you need.
  • We also fixed some minor bugs on quizzes where scores were not being calculated correctly and implemented some updates to DropPlayer.

Updates from 10/1 - 10/31/2022

Major Releases

  • Email Tracking to Pipelines

    We've revamped the functionality to allow email responses track back to your conversations when sent from Pipelines.

    To turn this on, simply turn on Email Reply Tracking under SMTP Settings from your DropFunnels dashboard.

    This article explains more.

  • New Templates

    We've started creating more variations of our most-used funnel templates.

    This month, we created 4 additional variations of VSL Funnels and Authority Funnels.

    To access these, when you create a new funnel, just go to the Full Funnels tab and select the one that's right for you, or visit

Minor Releases

  • We've made several enhancements to the overall performance of DropFunnels to improve your experience.
  • We also fixed some minor bugs, most of which you won't notice, but we thought we'd let you know anyway!

Updates from 9/1 - 9/30/2022

Major Releases

  • Gamification of Courses

    In a highly anticipated update, you can now send email based on your course members' progress!

    Send emails directly from DropFunnels whenever a student completes a lesson OR a certain number of days after they complete the previous lesson.

    This helps you push students through your courses, congratulating them when they make progress, and nudging them when they stall.

    You can add these emails under the Lesson Settings for any lesson in your course.

  • White Label Account Creation Wehbook

    We've created a webhook which allows you to automatically create new sub-users in your White Label account whenever they sign up, be that from a 3rd party app or within DropFunnels.

    Whitelabel customers can reach out in their Slack Support channel and we'll set this up for you.

    Interested in DropFunnels Whitelabel? Click here.

  • New Templates

    Several new full funnel templates including:

    • Moving Company
    • Travel Agent
    • Event Planner
    • Pet Sitter
    • Property Management
    • Photographer
    • Home Improvement
    • Tutoring Services
    • Car Wash
    • Video Series
    • Quiz Funnel

    To access these, when you create a new funnel, just go to the Full Funnels tab and select the one that's right for you, or visit

Minor Releases

  • Improved load times on the 1-Step Checkout Form module
  • Several other code-based optimizations to improve overall speed and performance of DropFunnels
  • Several minor bug fixes / improvements related to:
    • Course restoring and share functionality
    • Course login redirects
    • Multiple choice answers in quiz module
    • Lag in page updates after publishing.

Updates from 7/1 - 8/31/2022

Major Releases

  • Improvements to Quizzes

    You can now redirect leads to specific questions based on the answers they provide!

    This allows you to better-personalize your customer journey, and better-qualify leads through your sales process.

    To use this, in your Quiz Settings, turn on Redirect Questions.

    Then, on single-choice questions, select the question you want to redirect leads to based on the answer provided.

    We've also split out Multiple Choice and Single Choice question types, so you have more control over your quiz.

    In addition, we've improved quiz styling options, making it easier for your quiz to match your company branding.

  • New Templates

    Several new full funnel templates including:

    • Book Launch Funnel x 2
    • Massage Therapist Funnel
    • Insurance Broker Funnel
    • Accounting Services Funnel
    • Finance Expert Funnel
    • Low-Ticket Course Funnel
    • Insurance Company Funnel
    • High-Ticket Coach Funnel
    • Facebook Group Signup Funnel
    • Quiz Funnel
    • Restaurant Reservation Funnel
    • CBD Oil Funnel
    • Security Systems Funnel
    • Cleaning Services Funnel

    To access these, when you create a new funnel, just go to the Full Funnels tab and select the one that's right for you.

Minor Releases

  • Improved load times on the 2-Step Checkout Form module
  • Minor edits to funnel view so all the information you need is easily accessible
  • Several minor bug fixes / improvements related to:
    • Advanced Posts module
    • Split testing
    • Funnel slugs
    • And much more

Updates from 6/1 - 6/30/2022

Major Releases

  • Updated UI

    Brand new UI released to Partner/Pro/Enterprise/Agency/Ultimate plan users.

    This update is compromised of two parts.

    1. Funnel index - allows you to sort your funnels in a way that makes sense, and see them all at a glance.
    2. Split test view - new view visible on each funnel which makes split testing so much easier!
  • Launched Custom Domain Setup Process

    You can now request us to set up your custom domain for you.

    Simply go to Set Custom Domain on the left-hand menu on your dashboard and follow the instructions. No more getting stuck with DNS settings.

  • New Templates

    We're now launching new funnel templates weekly.

    So far we've launched:

    • Real Estate Developer Funnel
    • 2 x Free plus Shipping Funnel
    • High-Ticket Fitness Coaching Funnel
    • Webinar Registration Funnel

    With lots more on the way!

    To access these, when you create a new funnel, just go to the 'Full Funnels' tab and select the one that's right for you.

Minor Releases

  • Bugs related to important funnels from ClickFunnels resolved.
  • Improved opt-in module and checkout module design and preview fixes.

Updates from 5/1 - 5/31/2022

Major Releases

  • Template Overhaul

    We've completely revamped our free templates within the DropFunnels builder, with new, easy-to-use, high-converting designs and categories

    We've also re-organized things to make it easier to find what you're looking for.

  • Re-order Pipeline Stages

    You can now re-order your pipeline stages with the click of a button.

    Simply go to Pipelines, and click the arrows either side of the stage titles in order to modify the order in which the stages appear.

Minor Releases

  • Bug resolved in which members were unable to be re-added to courses after deleting them.
  • Resolved issue where some lead exports where coming up empty.

Updates from 4/1 - 4/30/2022

Major Releases

  • Start With A Blank Page

    You can now start building funnel steps and website pages with a blank page, as opposed to one of our templates. This gives you a completely blank canvas to work from and lets your design skills take over.

  • Share Posts and Pages

    Just like share funnels, you might have a website design or blog content you want to share, or move from one domain to another.

    Now it's SUPER easy.

    This works on any new page or post you create, OR just resave a page or post to make it shareable.

    Then click on the "share" link on your list of pages to copy the code, paste in the browser tab and VOILA!

Minor Releases

  • Minor fix to ensure sales data is exported accurately on funnels.
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to access pop-ups.

Updates from 4/1 - 4/30/2022

Major Releases

  • Start With A Blank Page

    You can now start building funnel steps and website pages with a blank page, as opposed to one of our templates. This gives you a completely blank canvas to work from and lets your design skills take over.

  • Share Posts and Pages

    Just like share funnels, you might have a website design or blog content you want to share, or move from one domain to another.

    Now it's SUPER easy.

    This works on any new page or post you create, OR just resave a page or post to make it shareable.

    Then click on the "share" link on your list of pages to copy the code, paste in the browser tab and VOILA!

Minor Releases

  • Minor fix to ensure sales data is exported accurately on funnels.
  • Fixed issue where some users were unable to access pop-ups.

Updates from 3/1 - 3/31/2022

Major Releases

  • Advanced SEO Functionality in Funnels

    If you're looking for advanced SEO functionality in your funnels, you won't be disappointed. You can now provide a high degree of control over your funnels SEO, allowing you to fine-tune your keywords, metatags, and other elements to ensure that your funnel pages are visible to the search engines.

Minor Releases

  • Resolved issues where users funnels were being sent to recycle bin
  • Resolved integration errors with SendInBlue
  • Coupon name added to sales page breakdown
  • Pass phone number field into Zapier trigger on a new quiz result
  • Minor pipeline bug fixes
  • Ability to send quiz lead information into pipelines

Updates from 2/1 - 2/28/2022

Major Releases

  • DropFunnels White Label

    DropFunnels white label now gives you the opportunity to build consistent monthly recurring revenue, maximize client value, increase retention, and own a marketing platform... without building one! More details can be found here.

Minor Releases

  • New logo settings added to the Course Login module
  • API updates for SendInBlue email autoresponder
  • Design enhancements for the Video Player module
  • Signature pad mobile design issue resolved
  • Resolved charges being associated with the wrong product
  • Conversion count functionality fixes
  • Resolved redirect issue related to Paypal charges in upsell module
  • Resolved issues related to the comment module for post and pages
  • New development updates inside the SMS settings section

Updates from 1/1 - 1/31/2022

Minor Releases

  • Issue with funnel automatically going into the recycle bin fixed
  • Photo module default image size is now Large, instead of Full
  • Yearly plan functionality updated
  • Updates to gradients on the button module
  • Fixed blog commenting issues

Updates from 12/1 - 12/30/2021

Major Releases

  • Pipeline Functionality

    You can now have your pipelines renamed in a snap! Don't want a certain pipeline anymore? You can also delete them to keep your sales conversations and stages organized.

  • 100% Off Coupon Codes

    Easily create a 100% off coupon code for your customers. This makes it easy to get your product in their hands, and they can experience all the benefits that come with it!

  • SMS - Setup Your Own Twilio Account

    Set up your own Twilio account to start sending SMS messages to your customers! The easy-to-use messaging option makes it easy to connect with your customers and keep them in the loop.

Minor Releases

  • Fixes related to sticky header not being removed
  • Photo module related QA fixes
  • Functionality to apply typography settings to opt-in custom fields
  • Fixes for Stripe registering full product amount even after applying coupon code
  • Infusionsoft general fixes
  • ActiveCampaign fixes for custom fields not being passed
  • Checkout form related global fixes
  • Course module related fixes to access levels functionality
  • Changes to domain change code to update links

Updates from 11/1 - 11/30/2021

Major Releases

  • Module Descriptions

    We now have Module descriptions for all modules within the editor to help customers ensure they understand how to use the modules and to link to further help articles.

  • Blog Theme Functionality

    Design a single blog page template and apply it to all future blogs posts. Currently available in Partner Program and will be rolled out to other plans shortly.

  • Pre-Filled Input Fields

    Automatically add customer lead information from an optin form to a checkout page.

  • Zapier Events for Pipelines

    Move leads to specific stages in your pipeline based on your chosen Zapier action.

Minor Releases

  • Payment gateway API improvements
  • Custom domain progress improvements
  • Subscription webhook/zapier fixes
  • Quiz Lead styling expansion
  • Sales funnel stat fixes
  • Billing portal layout changes
  • Funnel slug (df-funnel) fixes for user's control split test page
  • URL masking inside Link Tracker module fixes
  • File based API logs
  • General UI fixes for Link Tracker and Quizzes
  • DropFunnels editor error handling updates
  • SMS message alerts load in real-time, instead on page refresh

Updates from 10/1 - 10/31/2021

Major Releases

  • External SMTP

    You are now able to use an external SMTP provider for your DropFunnels account. This allows you to customize the FROM addresses of your emails.

    See More

  • Pipelines [BETA]

    We've launched our Pipelines BETA which enables you to add your leads into SMS sequences and functions as a CRM using Kanban style boards to show your lead progress. Pipelines are currently available to our Partner and Enterprise accounts.

  • HubSpot Autoresponder

    Full checkout and opt-in integration of HubSpot has now been made live.

  • In App Tutorials

    We've started to add tutorials next to action buttons to ensure customers have all the information they require to setup their funnels, sites and courses.

  • Slug / Page URL Improvements

    You are now able to use the same slug name across different Funnels / Courses. This ensures going forward you are not limited to your slug choice by your other funnels / courses.

  • Zapier V4.1

    You are now able to import leads from external sources into your DropFunnels Website using our Zapier extension.

Minor Releases

  • DropFunnel Editor open consistency
  • Testing data no longer in Dashboard Reports
  • Link Tracker Option Fixes
  • Image Gallery Spacing Fixes
  • DropFunnels Editor Open Consistency Fixes
  • Thank you Page Receipt Module Fix
  • Admin Bar Dashboard Links fix
  • Script Header/Footer Added To Pages
  • Quicker Signup with self generating Subdomain
  • Stripe Product / Account Sync (used when changing stripe accounts)
  • Quiz Module wording clean-up
  • Media Interface bug fixes

Updates from 9/1 - 9/30/2021

Major Releases

  • New UI

    We've worked hard to bring our customers a new UI which makes things more simple and keeps your focus on what really matters. Its a blank canvas to allow you to paint your business picture.

  • Zapier V4

    New events for Course/Unit/Module/Lesson completion and Single Full Order. Actions for Delete/Deactivate User and Update User (allowing you to change the membership level of an existing user).

  • DropPlayer (BETA)

    We've been asked for a while now to have videos being able to be uploaded directly in the dashboard and then used in the builder. DropPlayer BETA release is our first step into getting that done for you. This available for Pro, Agency & Partner plan.

  • SMS (BETA)

    You can send and receive SMS within your dashboard and also send out SMS when a customer Opt's-in / Checks out. When a customer replies you'll be notified and can carry on the conversation within your dashboard.

  • Long Running Reports

    When a report is about to error due to its data size we now provide the ability to email the report. Your report will continue to be run internally and once ready sent to the email address provided.

  • Sales Search Options

    You are now able to search using the following in Sales Search: PayPal Email, Payment Gateway, Individual UTM data points, Products bought as upsell, Exclude Test Transactions.

Minor Releases

  • ConversionAPI (BETA) API version upgrade
  • Course Header / Progress Bar Fixes
  • Klaviyo availability on Checkout Autoresponders
  • SEO plugin caching clearing fixes
  • Lead / Course Quizzes no longer considered BETA
  • Klaviyo autoresponder duplicated leads fix
  • Product Trial Field Fixes
  • "Video Lesson Gallery" module renamed to "Video Playlist"
  • JS loading improvements from Global/Saved Items
  • Fancy Text Special Character Fix

Updates from 8/1 - 8/31/2021

Major Releases

  • Receipt Module Div Redesign

    Our Receipt module is now using Div's instead of the old table design which allows better scaling between screen sizes and applying CSS much more easy.

  • CloudFlare Stream Video Support

    We now support CloudFlare Stream within our Video Player and Video Gallery.

  • Stream Video Support is very much like CloudFlare, however much less expensive! We now support their stream product within our Video player and Video Gallery.

  • Paypal Transaction ID / Email in Reports

    We are now showing both the PayPal internal Transaction ID and Paypal email address used when your clients decide to use PayPal as a payment option.

  • Member Bypass Drip

    You now have the ability to enable "Bypass Drip" within Course for individual course members. This will allow specific members to bypass any Drip settings you have present.

Minor Releases

  • UTM Tracking funnel improvements
  • Saved Search Improvements
  • Better Error Message for Course Membership levels
  • Billing Fix for 2step checkout address in reports
  • Single email (no access level change email) sent when adding course member
  • Signature pad CSS fixes
  • Opt-in Terms/Conditions large text volume checkbox CSS fixes
  • CVV / Expiry box split for mobile
  • Google Review API fixes
  • Zapier UI funnel / site name correction
  • New Settings Option - Set HomePage
  • Payment IPN notification improvements
  • Lesson / Module / Course Completion Tracking Improvements
  • Checkbox / Multiple Choice fields for Opt-in forms
  • Tracking Code cache management improvements

Updates from 7/1 - 7/31/2021

Major Releases

  • Course Units

    This addition to Courses is an organizational feature which allows you to control the left hand module/course menu and keep content separated. Each unit can be considered a mini course in its own right.

  • Course Member Area

    Each course now has a header which can be used which includes Dashboard, Account and Sign-out links, in addition to a profile picture for your user.

    The account link allows the customers to update details such as their password.

  • Lead/Sales Column Customization

    Your lead/sale reports are now customizable and far cleaner. All but the date and funnel search items have been moved to "Advanced Options". Each column is now able to be hidden and UTM information can be shown directly into the reports.

  • Lead/Sales Saved Searches

    Searching for the same date range and options within your Lead/Sales data can be tedious (especially when you are monitoring a specific campaign) and you can now save your search and recall it later with our Saved Searches feature.

  • Self Marking Course Quizzes

    Quizzes contained within Courses can now be "self marked", with options for retaking the quiz if you do not get the required score and viewing the answers if you pass.

  • Klaviyo Autoresponder Integration

    We've expanded our collection of autoresponders to include Klaviyo. It is available for Opt-in forms now. On Checkouts, it will be released on a later date.

  • Course User Tracking Timer

    Course and Module User tracking is now available via Course > Members > View User Report. You can now check on their progress through modules and also how long each module is taking to be complete.

  • Site User Access Levels

    We've made improvements to the access levels you are able to provide to staff members who are added to your website. See here for more

Minor Releases

  • Recycle Bin for lead quizzes
  • Zapier V3.1 full release
  • Multiple Payment Upsell button fix
  • Incomplete course setup more descriptive errors
  • Pop-up CSS fixes
  • 2-Step Checkout Webhook/Zapier Address fixes
  • Change order of Multiple Choices answers within Quiz
  • Domain Mapping Logic Improvements
  • UTM show option for Lead/Sales Reports
  • Funnel Sales/Leads date picker fix
  • Video Overlay fixes IOS small devices
  • Courses Settings Page now fully editable / brandable
  • Custom SMTP sending while logged in fixes
  • Radius and Shadow settings for Images
  • Radius and Shadow settings for Videos
  • Global CSS adjustment default value fixes

Updates from 6/1 - 6/30/2021

Major Releases

  • Course Login Element

    With the finalization of a long term plan to provide complete customization on course pages you now have a new element to play with! Course Login Module includes Login, Request Password Reset, Password Reset.

    You now have a login page for courses that can be completely branded.

  • Multiple Coupons Per Product

    We've tidied up the Product View area and also added in multiple coupons! You can now have multiple coupons on each product and mix them between % and money off.

  • New Icons For Elements

    Our Builder Elements now have new icons that better represent how they function and each is individual.

  • Clone Course Content

    Cloning has been given a big new set of features for courses. You are now able to Clone content between different courses and we've tidied the interface to ensure consistency throughout.

  • Further Javascript Variables

    When using external tracking it is very important to be able to pass sales and customer data over. We've now made that much more easily and have java variables available for, customer data, sales data, Global ID.

    See for more:

  • Order Summary To Autoresponder

    You now have the option to forward the products/bumps/upsells a customer purchases to your autoresponder. This allows for advanced per product filters without the need of Zapier or Webhooks.

Minor Releases

  • "Who Locked It" now displays when trying to use the editor while its locked by someone else.
  • Checkout Signature Pad % sizing fixes
  • Settling Decline Updates
  • 2 Step Checkout Border Fixes
  • Zapier shipping / billing address tweaks/fixes
  • Bump Body Text WYSIWYG enabled
  • Quiz Title color fix
  • Zapier V3.1 per course settings BETA
  • Split Test Page/Slug edit
  • Payment Processor Test Buttons
  • Edit Profiles for users added to your account

Updates from 5/1 - 5/31/2021

Major Releases

  • Speed Enhancements

    We've always had outstanding speed on all of our pages, however there is nothing better than MORE speed! We've continued to trim valuable time off the loading of Opt-in and Checkout Pages!

  • Split Testing Speed and No Variable

    We've made some big improvements to the speed when split testing is being done (So much so you dont even know you are doing a split test now!). In addition to this you can also do split tests without the use of a variable! You'll see a new toggle button in your Split testing area that will let you turn variable testing off and on.

  • Zapier V3 Integration

    Our Zapier Intregation now has the ability to act as an incoming Zap and can create users within courses and also an outgoing Zap when new course members are created! In addition we now have a recurring subscription notification.

  • Funnel Sales and Lead Reports

    Each Funnel now has its own sale and lead reports section. This gives you a quick way to find how your funnel is doing or look up customers that came through a specific funnel.

  • Signature On Checkout

    Signatures can now be requested to confirm the customer accepted the terms and conditions as part of the checkout process. In addition a PDF contract is generated within your DropFunnels sales area which can be downloaded.

  • Multiple Order Bumps

    Why have just one order bump when you can have more? We've released the ability to have multiple order bumps within your checkouts.

Minor Releases

  • MailChimp Custom Field creation Fixes
  • Payment Gateway Refund Logic Updates
  • Special character (none English) URL updates/fixes
  • Smoother scrolling Quizzes
  • iDevAffiliate integration
  • Button hover fixes
  • Splash Screen for domain changes added
  • Legacy Course additional Options (such as Dashboard Toggle)
  • Better Front End Handling of Names with Apostrophes
  • Paypal No Shipping Address Improvements
  • Better Paused Account and Traffic Exceeded Messaging
  • Course Membership Refund Partial Refund Improvements
  • "User is Active" toggle within edit Course Member
  • Double Warning when deleting Product which is in use
  • Send Hidden Custom Fields to Autoresponder (Allows for customization rules within autoresponders
  • Mailchimp add tags via opt-in
  • Test Transaction Card Update
  • NMI API decline fixes
  • API updates for trials
  • Sales Reporting Paypal Bump Fixes

Updates from 4/1 - 4/30/2021

Major Releases

  • Enhanced Conversion Tracking

    You spoke and we listened! We have made changes to our conversion tracking to increase accuracy and provide stats you can rely on.

  • Custom SMTP Services

    You are now able to attach your own SMTP service to drop funnels. Should your external SMTP fail we'll still fall back over to sending via our own systems.

  • Strong Customer Authentication Stripe

    This major release sits underneath the actions your customers take when making payments and keeps you ahead of the curve for coming changes within the payment industry.

  • Quantity Limits

    Products and Coupons can now have quantity limits enabled. Allowing you to provide limit release content/coupons and generate demand.

  • Posts and Pages Rename

    To better reflect how DropFunnels is used we have renamed Posts to Blog and Pages to Website.

Minor Releases

  • Shrink spacing between opt-in fields
  • Remember Funnel sort order
  • Older quiz data view fix
  • testing mode fix
  • Auto check Order Bump
  • Conversion tracking logic improvements
  • Admin Drop Down spacing changes
  • Sales stats now adhere to account set timezones
  • Free products show "FREE" instead of $0
  • Forced Lesson completion Enhancements

Updates from 3/1 - 3/31/2021

Major Releases

  • Extended Checkout Errors

    We now show more detailed error messages when a checkout fails. This includes card issues, address issues and will allow your customers to understand why their payment failed so they can easily fix.

  • Product Level Courses

    You are now able to have multiple courses under a single product. In addition courses can be dripped to your members by setting a course release date.

  • Zapier V2 Integration

    Sites and individual funnels are now available on our Zapier Integration. This has included completely revamping our Zapier API to ensure consistency and speed for all of your Zaps.

Minor Releases

  • Checkout processing customization
  • Order Bump Arrow Styling and more
  • Typography Settings for "Input Text" / "Placeholder"
  • Apply Coupon Button Styling
  • Extended Product Options on Checkout Form
  • Complete My Order Button Tweaks
  • Bi-Weekly Billing Cycle
  • Fix - Preview Layout now working every time
  • Previous/Next Lesson Buttons
  • Default Value in Custom Fields
  • Recycle All Button

Updates from 2/1 - 2/28/2021

Optimization/Stabilit Updates

  • The Big Review

    We took time out on adding new features to ensure we have everything running as quickly as possible.

Updates from 1/1 - 1/8/2021

Major Releases

  • Lead Quiz Share functionality

    You can now share your Lead Quizzes in the same manner you can share your funnels and memberships in DropFunnels.

    Simply share the URL below with another DropFunnels user or account.

Screenshot from 2021-01-08 12-24-15

Minor Releases

  • Performed minor updates to the checkout module, related to the order summary section.
  • Updated the complete system which includes WP, all third-party plugins, base theme, and changes to our custom code as per these new updates.
  • Fixed bugs on the two-step checkout module regarding activation of steps.
  • Added validations on shipping details on step one of the two-step checkout module.
  • Enabled the 'Comments' module to make it usable through the system for all types of post pages.
  • Performed minor updates on the optin module to change redirection defaults.
  • Admin dashboard access solution for the sales team to add the user as admin in the main DF site.

Updates from 12/13 - 1/1/2021

Major Releases

  • Introduced Lead Quiz functionality

    Lead Quizzes are now live. You can access via your Dashboard -> Left Side Menu -> Lead Quizzes. Create the quiz there and then drop a Quiz Module onto a page and associate your new quiz.

    Click here for a detailed tutorial.

  • Basic/Advanced Memberships into Courses

    The DropFunnels Memberships area has been retired in favor of Courses. You can access this on your left side menu from your Dashboard. There are no longer two types. We've rolled the Advanced Membership into a Video Lesson Gallery that can be accessed in the editor while editing a course page. Otherwise, Courses act exactly like Memberships.

  • Search, Sort and Filter for Funnels and Courses

    Long awaited functionality of Search and Sort for your Funnels and Courses can be found at the top of their respective pages.

Screenshot from 2021-01-01 16-48-36
  • New improved Split Tests

    Split Testing is back. Simply be sure to use the Split Test URL if directing someone straight to a Split Tested page. Be sure to use the split testing URL for the funnel in order to split test.

Screenshot from 2021-01-01 19-26-31
  • New Autoresponder Integrations

    DropFunnels now also integrates with Drip, Mailerlite and Sendinblue. See an Optin Module for more information.

Minor Releases

  • Added extra tab on add funnel modal to redirect user on marketplace website.
  • Added lead trigger on step 1 completion of "Two step order" Form.
  • Paypal charge API fixes.
  • Added progress bar color options setting to video lesson gallery module.
  • Global fixes order receipt module.
  • New functionality that distributes traffic allowance to track across the entire plan.
  • Added changes to text and typography settings for submitting the quiz button.
  • Added webhook functionality to the Lead Quizzes.
  • Added three new integrations (Drip, Mailerlite, and Sendinblue) to an autoresponder.
  • Updates to the split product functionality.
  • Minor updates into the Lead quizzes stats.
  • New style setting for active/inactive tab typography in two-step checkout module.
  • Added lock icon on lesson module.
  • Added new parameters to the system stats area.
  • Added new options to the button in the modal popup module.
  • Fixes to the product fields alignments in a row while editing the products.
  • Added the icon color and hover color on the checkout form module.
  • Update to display the note on a text editor that overrides settings of the font-weight on the checkout module.

Updates from 12/5 - 12/12/2020

Major Releases

  • Membership Import via CSV Files

    This will allow you to import up to 50 members from a CSV into any particular Access Level you would like.

  • Terms and Condition Checkbox on Checkout and Optin Modules

    If you'd like you customers to "Agree to Terms and Conditions", this functionality allows you do just that.

    To Implement:

    1. Scroll to the bottom of the General Tab on either Module and you'll notice a new option called "Accept Terms and Conditions".
    2. Simply set that option to "Show".

Minor Releases

  • Updates and fixes to BB caching functionality when domain change encountered for the site to avoid the design breaks and AJAX requests failures.
  • Checkout placeholder style issue fixes.
  • Upsell module style related issue fixes.
  • Updates & fixes for the video gallery module.
  • New quick links added to the admin bar.
  • Minor fixes to the PK IPN for some special cases.
  • Major fixes to the SSL functionality.

Updates from 11/28 - 12/4/2020

Minor Releases

  • Updates and fixes to split products functionality.
  • Updates and fixes to stats conversion calculations functionality.
  • Updates and fixes to global designs settings functionality.

Updates from 11/14 - 11/27/2020

Major Releases

  • Basic Memberships now have a Course Index page.

    This is functionality that has existed in the Advanced Memberships since the beginning and is long sought after in the Basic Memberships.

    To Implement:

    1. Go to your Basic Membership and Select the Products you would like to offer.
    2. Drag and drop them into the order you'd like them displayed.
    3. Finally, set the 'Show Product Selection' option to 'Yes'.

    See here:

Minor Releases

  • Added security code for Clickjacking vulnerability.
    • Fixed an issue where hackers could potentially hijack DropFunnels sites using an iFrame. We've undergone a thorough security audit and while no system is completely impervious to attack, we do have multiple safeguards in place to prevent any malicious activity.
  • Upgrade plan functionality major updates and bug fixes.
    • Big DropFunnels subscription changes are on the way.
  • Fixes to Order Summary design layout.
    • Bug fixes
  • Update the two-step checkout module heading text alignment.
    • Bug fixes
  • Fixed stripe product description limit exceeding issue.
    • Repaired a truncation issues that were preventing the initial creation of products who's description was too long.
  • Added message to share funnel login.
    • Simple messaging change.

Updates from 11/06 - 11/13/2020

Major Releases

  • Multiple products can now be selected on Checkout Module.

    Your customers can now have the option of choosing between multiple products at checkout.

    To Implement:

    1. Choose 'Multiple Products' in your Checkout Module settings.
    2. Select the Products you would like to offer.
    3. Drag and drop them into the order you'd like them displayed.
    4. Finally, set the 'Show Product Selection' option to 'Yes'.

    See here:

  • Multiple products in Membership Modules

    This is a long awaited update that gives you Unlimited Membership Access Levels for both your Basic and Advanced Memberships.

    To Implement:

    First, create the Membership Products in the Products area. Then, go into the individual Modules within your Membership:

    1. Click the Arrow to expand into the Module Settings
    2. Add your Membership Products to the Access Levels (uses text completion)
    3. Click Update.
Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 12.21.45 PM
  • Refresh icon on Funnels and Memberships.

    While we wouldn't normally list this is a "Major" update, it's a giant convenience for all of us. Say goodbye to having to upload images each time you change the page.

    To Implement:

    Simply click the Refresh Icon in the top right of the Funnel or Membership thumbnail.

Screenshot 2020-11-13 at 12.35.56 PM

Minor Releases

  • Added security code for Clickjacking vulnerability.
    • Fixed an issue where hackers could potentially hijack DropFunnels sites using an iFrame. We've undergone a thorough security audit and while no system is completely impervious to attack, we do have multiple safeguards in place to prevent any malicious activity.
  • Upgrade plan functionality major updates and bug fixes.
    • Big DropFunnels subscription changes are on the way.
  • Fixes to Order Summary design layout.
    • Bug fixes
  • Update the two-step checkout module heading text alignment.
    • Bug fixes
  • Fixed stripe product description limit exceeding issue.
    • Repaired a truncation issues that were preventing the initial creation of products who's description was too long.
  • Added message to share funnel login.
    • Simple messaging change.

Updates from 10/23- 10/30/2020

Major Releases

  • Coupon Code Functionality

    You can now add coupon codes to your products. Set a price or percentage off for a set period of time, or leave blank for ongoing.

Minor Releases

  • Movable Checkout Sections

    Rearrange sections of the checkout form (includes 2-step checkouts) and create a completely customizable experience for your visitor.

Updates from 10/16 - 10/23/2020

Major Releases

  • Authorize.NET Payment Integration

    Fully integrated with Authorize.NET. Includes payment processing for product sales, order bumps, recurring, and upsell/downsells.

  • Mobile Emulator Updated

    Resolved Javascript errors that was causing the mobile emulator view editor to display improperly.

Minor Releases

  • Refund Payment for Shipped Products

    Refund payment bug fixes for shipping enabled products.

  • Design Updates to Optin Module

    Minor design fixes for the optin module inside the editor.

Updates from 10/9 - 10/16/2020

Minor Releases

  • Plan Upgrade

    Plan upgrade functionality update and fixes.

  • Order Conflict

    Conflict caused due to funnel session functionality resolved.

  • Order Bump Design

    Order bump design conflict issues resolved.

Updates from 10/2 - 10/9/2020

Major Releases

  • Split Product Pricing

    Provide your visitors with multiple payment options.

Minor Releases

  • Custom Dropdown Field

    Added custom placeholder feature to the custom dropdown field inside the optin module.

  • Stripe Webhook

    Functionality changes and fixes.

  • Order Bump Arrow Display

    Updated checkbox and right arrow for order bump area on checkout modules.

Updates from 9/25 - 10/2/2020

Minor Releases

  • 'Mark Complete' Button Functionality

    You can now place the 'Mark Complete' button anywhere on the page for memberships.

  • Sales Module Error Message

    Updates to the sales module error messages system.

Updates from 9/18 - 9/25/2020

Major Releases

  • 'Name Your Price' Feature

    You can now collect donations or have your users name their own price for a product. See article here.

Minor Releases

  • Sales page optimization and UI/UX updates

    On the "sales" tab, users with large volumes of data have improved loading and search response.

  • Sendinblue email system setup and updates

    Switched to SendInBlue from Sendgrid to improve email deliverability

  • Stripe update to send the product info in purchase transaction of the Stripe

    Stripe purchases now send product data to properly mapped fields in Stripe.

  • DF plans UI updates on billing dashboard page

    Minor improvements to billing UI.

  • Webhook functionality updates for Paypal

    Paypal now sends full mapped fields for billing / shipping information via webhook.

Updates from 9/11 - 9/18/2020

Major Releases

  • Drip Content for Memberships

    You can now delay content for memberships on a per module basis (for basic memberships) or a per course basis (for advanced memberships)

  • UTM Parameter Tracking

    You can now pass UTM parameters and track conversions in your funnels, and search for conversions in your Sales tab and a per funnel basis.

Minor Releases

  • Test card updates

    On the "payment integration" tab, the test credit card details are now able to be copied and pasted.

  • Order Receipt Mobile Responsive Improvements

    General UI fixes

  • Webhook Improvements

    Shipping information now passes over webhooks for the upsell / downsell module. This is helpful for sending data to shipping or fulfillment systems when sold through an upsell or downsell.

  • General Bug fixes

    Traffic data and conversion data improvements

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