Welcome to the DropFunnels Affiliate Program

Earn 30% Monthly Recurring Commissions


From: The Desk Of Jordan Mederich - Founder of DropFunnels

Re: Becoming an affiliate of DropFunnels

Thanks so much for considering promoting DropFunnels! I truly believe you'll see better results, higher stickiness, and lower churn than any other system you promote.

For ONE REASON: we're building the best product on earth.

Know that we value your support, and will treat your referrals well.

Cool? cool.

Let's crush this together!

Affiliate House Rules

  • No Drama

    Don't cause me or my team problems. If you do, you're out.

  • No Spam

    Don't make insane claims to get people in.

  • No Theft

    Don't poach customers from other affiliates. Not cool. You will be removed from the program.

Important Notes

PayKickstart is used to run and manage our affiliate program. You'll create an account with them, and upload tax forms and get links right inside your dashboard.

"Delayed" approval only means we pay after the refund window is closed.

We pay on the 1st and 15th of the month after refund windows have closed, via VEEM. If one of your referrals creates a chargeback or issue, it will be reflected in your commissions.

You get paid if we get paid.

get started

STEP 1: Register for VEEM

Veem is a free payment processing system for our affiliate payments. You MUST register for an account and connect your bank to verify your payment details (takes less than 5 minutes).

STEP 2: Register for PayKickstart

PayKickstart is our affiliate tracking system. You will find offer links, tracking tools, and more. Please use the SAME email from your VEEM registration to sign up for your PayKickstart Affiliate account. 

Note: Approvals occur within 24-48 hours. "Delayed" approval means you are paid commissions after the refund window of 30 days has passed.